San Antonio Rodent Control

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One of the most unpleasant sights for homeowners is the running around of rodents in their homes. Rodents are always up to some mischief and no good. They can be difficult to exterminate, especially during the fall and winter when they move into homes in droves. You shouldn’t freak out at the sight of rodents, you only have to contact us. We will solve your rodent problem permanently, regardless of if it’s been going on for months or years. We exterminate rodents in homes, businesses, warehouses, and other facilities. You will enjoy lots of benefits of hiring us.
Protect Your Belongings
Rodents can chew through almost anything. The holes they make will give them access to just about any area of your home. Items they love to chew on include furniture, cardboard, and all sorts of paper. In their search for food and shelter, they will gleefully destroy expensive possessions and family heirlooms. Rodents also favor the use of insulation in the construction of their nests. They can cost you thousands of dollars by chewing through the insulation in your attic. The longer you allow rodents in your home, the greater the damage they will cause.
The damages rodents are capable of making makes it essential that they are exterminated as soon as possible. The greater the damage that is done to your property, the higher the cost of repair. Contrary to the belief of many, rodent control is more cost-effective when done by a professional. Purchasing the necessary tools and products by yourself will lead to unnecessary expenses. We make the best products available for our clients at affordable prices. Also, we possess all pieces of equipment needed for the job already. We get rid of rodent problems with state-of-the-art equipment and at no extra cost.
Aside from wreaking havoc, rodents are also known to spread diseases. Their excellent climbing and chewing ability mean that they can always gain access to food storage areas. They contaminate food items by taking bites and also urinating and excreting on them. Eating food contaminated by rats can cause fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, and more serious diseases. At its worst, eating food contaminated by rats may cause death. Due to these health risks, we will have to do more than just exterminating rodents themselves.  We will ensure that both rodents and their excretion are removed from your property completely.
Keep Your Business Running
While a rodent infestation will be bad in a residence, the consequences are far worse in a business place. Rodents can damage vital documents and also transmit diseases to your workers. Any of these events will negatively affect your business’ workflow. Also, your customers will have a very bad impression of your business when they see rats running around. It will most likely cause them to trust you less. You will have an even bigger problem in your hands if the authorities discover a rat infestation in your business place. Businesses have been fined and shut down for this.