Pest Control

man spraying bug spray on ledges

Pests can be very frustrating as they bring all kinds of trouble to homes and businesses. The presence of pests can raise problems in schools, warehouses, clinics, restaurants, and any facility you can think of. They destroy properties and food supplies. They also make living spaces very uncomfortable and unhealthy. Many owners opt against professional pest control because they believe they don’t deliver lasting solutions. If you also feel this way, you must have been hiring mediocre companies. We are the most reliable pest control agency in San Antonio. We keep properties all over the city free of pests in all seasons.
Pests are more active during the summer than at any other time. Most pests find the hot temperature very favorable. They may come into your home in search of food or shelter. The pests that you may find in your during the summer include flies, ants, fleas, cockroaches, and spiders. These insects carry diseases, destroy belongings, and make homes unsightly. Bed bugs are known to wreak havoc all year but they are nastier in the summer. Furthermore, insects like bees, hornets, wasps, and mosquitoes are more likely to show up in your yard during the summer.
The warmth, rain, and plant growth that come with spring attracts several pests. Pests such as mosquitoes, ants, termites, rats, bees, and hornets are encouraged to come out of hibernation during this period. Though these pests do not come out in full numbers in spring, they can still be a menace to people and properties. Bugs become much more active in spring after spending the winter in walls. Stink bugs and box elder bugs are known to crowd homes while looking for a way to get outside. Spring is also the time when termites reproduce and start new colonies in homes.
Few insects get to survive the coolness that comes with autumn. Hornets are one of these insects and you wouldn’t want them around. While hornets rarely attack humans, fall is the time when they are most aggressive as the cold gradually kills them. Rats are the biggest and nastiest pets property owners have to deal with in fall. The need for warmth and food forces them into buildings where they wreak all sorts of havoc. Other pests that are found in homes during fall include spiders, stink bugs, box elder bugs, and ladybugs. These insects try to find shelter in homes.
Winter is that time of the year when pests trouble is at the minimum. The pests around your home may not make it to winter but the ones that make it inside will thrive. Pests such as rodents will settle in, reproduce, and cause all manners of problems for you. Not only can rodents damage your belongings, but they also can make your family sick. Furthermore, winter is the holiday season. The movements of boxes and arrival of guests can very well bring cockroaches and bed bugs into your home. Bed bugs, in particular, can ruin your festivities