Mosquito Control for San Antonio

Mosquito on a table

Mosquito control deals with the inhibition of the presence of mosquitoes around us. Mosquito control is essential because mosquitoes are carriers of diseases and they can also make outdoor activities less enjoyable. Diseases are transmitted to humans by female mosquitoes as they feed on blood. Diseases caused by these pests include malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and more. Mosquitoes cause millions of deaths around the world yearly and this makes mosquito control very important. We provide the most effective mosquito control services in San Antonio, Texas. Hiring us for monthly mosquito control services will keep your property free from the menace of mosquitoes.
When it comes to mosquito control, the services of professionals beat the use of the different mosquito products available in the market. The makers of sticky tapes, citronella candles, and other products claim that they eliminate mosquitoes. But the truth is that these products are inefficient. Some of these products only attract mosquitoes to themselves while others only repel them for a while. Our approach to mosquito control guarantees that mosquitoes will be removed from your property for good. We eliminate mosquitoes in all types of homes, we treat both single-family homes and townhomes.
Long-Lasting Solutions
Mosquitoes will stay on your property for the entire summer if you allow them. DIY methods may reduce their impact but they definitely won’t get rid of them completely. We offer highly effective mosquito control to ensure that you enjoy your summer without bothering about mosquitoes. We will achieve this by ensuring that the source of the problem is controlled. First, we will take thorough surveillance of your property. This will give us well-detailed information on the mosquito population and how to best exterminate them. After this, we will proceed to remove egg and larvae habitats. Adult mosquitoes will be exterminated too.
When the mosquitoes in your workplace are not controlled, they will make your staff and customers sick. The reputation of your company will be damaged too. While mosquitoes are a threat to all businesses, they are a bigger threat to poultries. Some mosquitoes feed on poultry blood. The effect of this on poultry animals include decreased egg production and death. Professional mosquito control is essential if you want to keep your poultry healthy. Proper mosquito control is also vital in the real estate business. Inadequate mosquito control reduces the value of businesses.
Special Events
Every April, the cold disappears, and spring kicks in with some warmth. This makes spring the time of the year for events like weddings and graduations. You will want to invite your friends and family to celebrate with you in your yard. But this is also the period when mosquitoes are at their peak. Without proper mosquito control, it will be difficult for you to have a pleasant time with your guests. The easiest and most effective way to solve this problem is to hire us to spray the area at least 48 hours before the event. We treat both small yards and expansive lawns effectively.